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Tuesday 10th May 2011 :”After a well attended April full of hols and sunshine there were still about 40 people today, a full working day despite it being cooler than recently so no folks swimming as they have been earlier in April. Extra care now needed when folks use those smelly BBQ Trays – many of us read with horror & great sympathy the “BBQ Burns Baby on Beach” story – http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/local/east-hampshire/family_s_desperate_pleas_after_baby_is_burned_by_barbecue_1_2629101″

Thursday 7th April 2011: ” A wonderfully warm and windless sunny day on the beach with about 30 to 40 sunbathers and two brave swimmers on the hottest day this year. No jet skis but please remember that if jet skis do come within 50 metres of the beach at speeds in excess of 10 knots, they breaking QHM Rules which is a criminal offence putting swimmers at great risk. Such incidents should be reported to 0845 045 4545 and ask for the Control Room giving address as Eastney Beach”

Saturday 19 March 2011: “Wonderfully bright sunny afternoon on Eastney Beach at the Fraser Range end with about 30 to 40 beach users. Men and women dog walkers, fishing folks and several naked sunbathers made up the numbers. Nobody quite brave enough to start swimming just now but very tempting. Rising fuel prices have not yet, unfortunately, deterred the noisy illegally inshore jet skis – perhaps they run on testosterone these days!”

Wednesday 15 Dec 2010: “Went for a three mile run along the coast of eastney. Finished my run on the naturist part and braved a December swim! No one but me and a few dog walkers who happily asked how the water was, refreshing I replied ha! Will anyone else brave a winters dip?”

Monday 11 Oct 2010: “On the afternoon of 11 Oct I spent a relaxing 2 hours on the beach in glorious sunshine although little windy. A couple of dozen people there. Mostly men but I did see two women, one clothed. Not everybody was in their skin, maybe 80% were, as the wind was a bit off putting. The concrete blocks were a useful wind break. No sign of the dreaded guards nor any notices saying the beach was closed. It would seem that the beach is again fully open.”

Wednesday 22 Sept 2010:
“Just wanted to let you know that my first experience at a naturist beach today was amazing. Spend many hours in the company of other naturists and I felt so at ease. I am just 30 years old and there was a great range of people and all ages which made me feel totally comfortable. The beach and the location is amazing and am glad that QinetiQ have made a deal for us to use the beach.

I hear that today is probably the last of the sunny weather but I do hope that we get a few more during the coming weeks as I am definitely using Eastney on a regular basis.”

Tuesday 21 Sept 2010:
“A Hot and Sunny day at Fraser Beach with about 50 to 60 people several of whom were pleased to pick-up a Save Fraser Beach Leaflet. Low tide at 4pm revealing wide stetches of golden sand. Ocean still warm for swimming and folks still swimming at 6pm on a glorious evening.”

Saturday 24 July 2010: “Low tide @ 5pm with about 100 people both above and below high water mark. Families,couple and singles with blue skies and warm sea temperature. Harbour Master launch patrolling intermittently to keep dangerous jet-skies out at their reservation well away from the swimmers. Friendly dog walkers and a naturist fisherman – mind the hooks! Wonderful day on Costa Fraser and no costa packet.”

Friday 23 July 2010:

“Very warm and sunny. Water very calm with slight breeze. Beach quiet though!”

Sunday 11 July 2010:
“80 -100 people on eastney beach. Warm and sunny with a cooling breeze. Perfect! No guards present.

Saturday 10 July 2010: “Eastney beach has jetskis far too close to shore. We also have the police and lifeboat here gathering evidence and reg numbers.

Saturday 10 July 2010: “Eastney beach is fine and sunny and is packed with men, women and families. Even the local Bobby is here on patrol.

Saturday 03 July 2010: “Around 75+ naturists on the beach today – very peaceful and no sign of QinetiQ’s “guards”

Saturday 26 June 2010:”Standing room only at Eastney beach this afternoon. Move on down the beach please!”

Thursday 24 June 2010: “Eastney beach warm and sunny with a nice breeze to keep it comfortable. No guards again but plenty of naturists.

Wednesday 23 June 2010: “More naturists again to day and probably well into the evening. Sea temperature rising and now excellent for swimming.

Wednesday 23 June 2010: Just to say that Beach was being well used today (Wed 23rd). I was there from about 11.15 until 1.30 or thereabouts. Plenty of people arriving as I left. No sign of the infamous Security Guards etc

Tuesday 22 June 2010: This afternoon (22 June) was busy down there with between 70 to 80 mostly nude sunbathers. The public is generally ignoring any prohibition even if they know about it. Don’t forget that the beach below mean-high water mark is beyond their jurisdiction and can be used freely depending on the tide.

Monday 21 June 2010: “I was down on Monday morning, 21st. No guards or anything. Lovely in the water too.”

Saturday 29 May 2010: Report from a beach user:
“Qinetiq guards present on eastney beach today (1400hrs) Beach taped off. “

Monday 24 May 2010:
The beach was quite busy in the afternoon with about 60 to 70 naturists at any one time. The ‘Keep Out” sign has disappeared although we don’t know if it was stolen by thieves or removed by QinetiQ. The beach is not guarded very often and so a large number of people have been using it as normal.

Saturday 22 May 2010: “I spent a couple of hours there on Saturday afternoon and most of the afternoon on Sunday. There were no ‘Keep Out’ signs visible nor were there any security guards to be seen.”

Friday 21 May 2010: “It was my first visit this year. I was there from 10:30 to 12:10. It was lovely and sunny and the sea nice and calm. There were a reasonable number of fellow naturists on our beach. No sign of any security guards at all.”

Friday 21 May 2010:
Beach Report via Twitter
Eastney Beach has about 60 people with more arriving. Car park is open and filling up. No guards to be seen. 20c with nice cooling breeze.

Monday 03 May 2010: Bank Holiday Monday (03 May) – well, it’s been a bit of a grotty bank holiday weekend, damp, wet & windy. Still, the sun managed to peek out of the clouds on the Monday – trouble is so did the security guards! Just the thing to greet any holiday-makers wishing to visit our coast isn’t it!
guards on the beach

Thursday 08 April 2010:
“Very well attended today – lovely warm and sunny weather. No sign of the guards and seems that people haven’t been put off by Qinetiq’s recent actions.”

Friday 26 March 2010: Portsmouth now has the disgraceful spectacle having one of its most popular beaches cordoned off with private security guards warning people off:
Click to see a larger version of the picture Click to see a larger version of the picture

10 March 2010: Notices have appeared on the beach warning people to stay off saying “KEEP OUT – No access without the express prior permission of QinetiQ”. You can view a distance shot of the sign here and a close up here. The signs are of a particularly amateurish nature (laminated A4 sheet, cable-tied to posts).

There’s an article about this on the Portsmouth News website (you can comment online too): http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/newshome/Anger-as-beach-is-closed.6147302.jp

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