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Link to article in Portsmouth News about the Public Meeting

Also interviewed on BBC Radio Solent about the meeting and the campaign

19 April 2007
Naturists endorse campaign to save Eastney Beach

Local (& some not so local) naturists and non-naturists got together at the Southsea Leisure Park this week (Tuesday 17 April) to hear about the Eastney Naturists Campaign’s activities this year.  Some naturists, so concerned at the threat facing Eastney, had travelled from as far afield as Oxford & Weybridge to be at the meeting.

The campaign aims for the continued use of the traditional naturist beach at Eastney, which regularly attracts hundreds of local and visiting naturists to Southsea, bringing valuable income into the area.

Barry Knell, one of the campaigners, kicked off the meeting with introductions and to let the meeting know that the Section 106 agreement, for the planning application, had still not been finalised between QuinetiQ and Portsmouth City Council (this has been rumbling on for quite some time now – since Nov 2005).

Mike Houlsby then brought the meeting up to date with a report on the campaign’s activities during the past year – “we’ve achieved a lot so far this year, we have:
•    an active (& sometimes very lively) web based presence
•    a positive relationship with local press, charities, businesses, sea-front management, Police, etc
•    presented our case and our concerns to the Eastney Neighbourhood Forum
•    gathered a number of sworn affidavits testifying to unhindered, unrestricted access of the naturist beach (some testifying to more than 60 years of naturist use!)
•    written to all candidates in the forthcoming local elections – so far, all those who have replied support us

And as part of our plans for the year ahead, we will:
•    continue to raise awareness that the traditional naturist beach has now been effectively privatised
•    promote even greater use of the beach – it’s a great resource, both for naturists and for the city
•    hold regular events on the beach (e.g. BBQs, get togethers)
•    arrange for British Naturism to host events like “fun days”
•    increase awareness of the benefits of naturism (including economic benefits for the city too!) “

Those present at the meeting were pleased with progress so far and gave their endorsement to plans for the campaign to go ahead as outlined.  They also put their hands in their pockets (which is always easier when actually wearing pockets!) to make generous donations to the campaign’s ongoing expenses & fighting fund.

Naturists who have used Eastney Beach for decades are determined to fight plans which could see them driven away by property developers.

Michael Houlsby added that there are many reasons why the local naturists will continue to fight to keep use of Eastney:
”The beach is good for naturists and it’s good for the city. The naturist beach is always quieter, cleaner, and friendlier – just compare it to the beach further along. There’s also the phenomenon of the ‘Buff Pound’ and the ‘Buff Euro’: the naturist beach brings in visitors to the city and overseas visitors expect to find a naturist beach – after all, they have them at home!

If you want more information, or would like to contact or join the group, why not take a look at the website at www.eastneybeach.org.uk.uk.


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