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“Nudity without warning is simply bare faced cheek”

article in Portsmouth News

My response to this:
Rick Jackson has got a point (only the one though). There should be more advisory signs. Mind you, I think there should be more beaches as well!

As the News pointed out last year (23 Aug 2008) nudity is not unlawful on ANY beach – indeed, that day’s editorial stated “There’s nothing wrong with naturism” and called for more designated areas. Local Councils recognise it’s not unlawful, as do the local Police, as do most people (shown by national polls).

Naturists tend to restrict their choice of beach voluntarily to avoid possible confrontation or misunderstanding. So, yes, I do agree with Rick on this one point – it would be useful for more advisory signs to go up on those scraps of beaches left for naturism. He’s wrong on one count though – there is no sign at Eastney – that was taken down some time ago. PCC’s Cabinet were assured (7 July 2008) that the sign could be reinstated, but despite repeated requests from us, we’re still waiting.

Should we take it that Rick’s article is the first public call for the Eastney sign to be reinstated and for new signs to be put up at those oh so few other beaches?

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