Eastney Naturists

Campaigning to Save the Beach

The council’s planning committee will meet on Wednesday to decide whether to reject plans by defence firm Qinetiq for three blocks of flats at Fort Cumberland Road, next to Fraser beach.

“Controversial seafront homes face new review”

“They were erected in the 1940s to repel unwanted visitors – but cash is now needed to help turn anti-tank defences into a tourist attraction.”

Story in the Portsmouth News: “Beach victory for naturists”

Campaigners bid to turn Eastney naturists beach into ‘village green’

“Nudistas enfrentam proibição de empresa de usar praia”

“Defence giant QinetiQ blocks access to nudist beach. An international defence firm has called in security guards to block access to a popular nudist beach”

Security guards say no way to naturist beach

“Find another stretch of beach to end this saga”

“Resist QineitQ”

Anger as beach is closed off

“Nudity without warning is simply bare faced cheek”

Councillors are warned that refusing application could cost them dear

Cabinet are being asked to rescind their earlier decision of 8 May 2009 and approve the appropriation of land at Fort Cumberland Road

Beach wrangle sparks anger over ‘gamble’

Cabinet are being asked to approve a report recommending the appropriation of a strip of land from the Fort Cumberland SINC

Warbler could shoot down beach plans – “Presence of legally protected bird could mean no planning permission for flats”

Article on “Ideas For Your Backyard” website: http://www.ideasforyourbackyard.com/backyard/23-23/#respond

Follow up letters to the 24 Sept Article – both against and for Naturism

“The little Dartford Warbler could stand in the way of controversial seaside development project”

“Prudery is harmful” – Malcolm Bouro, BN’s RLO

2 letters to the editor

“Grin and bare it”

“To boldly show is within the law”

“Compromise is necessary to satisfy both parties”

“Naked delight as nudists win right to bare all on beach”

“QinetiQ plans for beach flats development laid bare for all”

“Council agrees to road-widening but comes under fire over price charged”

Bid to end row over nudists’ beach use

“High on the Hog”

Letter from Malcolm Boura (BN’s RLO)

Article in the News – 07 June 2008

Letter in the News – 05 June 2008
Born in the Buff

2 Letters in the News – 04 June 2008
One from the President of British Naturism

“Naked fury over QinetiQ tactics”

Article about naturism in Hampshire – also covers Eastney Beach

Private Eye – 29 May 2008
Follow up to Private Eye’s previous article on QinetiQ

Article and Editorial in the News – 28 May 2008
Dirty Tricks & Mud-Slinging?

Article in the News – 22 May 2008

Letter in the News – 13 May 2008

Letter in the News – 05 May 2008

4 Letters in the News – 29 April -02 May 2008

Article and Editorial in Portsmouth News
covers our cause and QinetiQ’s push for a Judicial Review

Article in Portsmouth News – 18 April 2008
Advertising forthcoming meeting on April 22

Article in Portsmouth News – 20 March 2008
Advertising forthcoming meeting on April 22

QinetiQ – Getting the Bird – an article published in Private Eye 09 Jan 2008

Letter to the Editor – Portsmouth News – 07 January 2008

“City faces legal action over release of land” – Article published by the Portsmouth News

An article in the Portsmouth News – written by Matt Jackson

Article in the Portsmouth News advertising the Beach Day 2007.

Article in the Portsmouth News about the new regulations and area set aside for Jet-Skis.

Local (& some not so local) naturists and non-naturists got together at the Southsea Leisure Park this week (Tuesday 17 April) to hear about the Eastney Naturists Campaign’s activities this year. Some naturists, so concerned at the threat facing Eastney, had travelled from as far afield as Oxford & Weybridge to be at the meeting.

“Group wins praise for its naked ambition” – article in Portsmouth News 24 February 2007

This week local campaign group, Eastney Naturists, were presented with an award, in recognition of their services to naturism, on behalf of Pat Thompson, the President of British Naturism.

This article appeared in the Portsmouth News (in the Neighbourhood section) about the Eastney Neighburhood Forum meeting on 23 Nov 2006

Our beach day attracted around 250 swimmers and sun-bathers…

“It’s bare necessities in fight for nudists’ beach”

“Invitation to join the nudists at the beach” – published in the Portsmouth News 19 July 2006

If you go down to Eastney Beach on July 30 you’re in for a big surprise… because that’s the day the Eastney Naturists have their picnic.

Barry’s letter to the News, following up some very positive coverage

Gloves are off (along with everything else) – As reported in the Portsmouth News on Tuesday 06 June 2006.

Cycling through central London naked is not something many people can claim to have done.

2 local reporters give Naturism a try on Eastney Beach (& like it!)

The first official meeting of the group has now been held

Setting up the BN Eastney Naturist Beach Campaign Liaison Group

OWNERS of posh new seaside flats look set to get one of the most unusual views in the country – the sight of nudists bathing on the beach below.

Details of the proposed development (206Kb)

A scanned article from 29 Sept 2000 – “Nudists given thumbs-up by city council”

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