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PowerFM’s breakfast show have suggested a mass sponsored Skinny Dip (well, it seems that “Maximum Bob” has been volunteered).  Seems like a good idea (well, considering it’s October and looking cold and damp, maybe not such a good idea – might have been a better idea in July!!!) and we’re joining in the fun too.

They phoned me up for a short telephone interview last week (at 7:00 in the morning! – luckily I’d had my morning cuppa and was slightly less grumpy than usual) and it looks like we’ll be taking part in PowerFM’s sponsored mass Skinny Dip on Friday 13th (an auspicious date) October.  The fun (!) starts at 7:30 am with the skinny dip proper taking place about 8.00 am.

PowerFM Skinny Dip at EastneyBeach Report

Taking part:  Mike Houlsby & Barry Knell from the Eastney Naturists Campaign Group, as well as Dave, Linda, Sue, Graham and, of course, Maximum Bob himself.

Bob's naked interview

We arrived at the car park by EastneyBeach at around 07:30, with the sky looking a bit grey, overcast and rather threatening.  Not too nippy though – around 14 degrees according to the car thermometer and no breeze to make it feel any colder than it already is!  Anyway, on to the beach and there’s Maximum Bob and staff from PowerFM’s Breakfast Show waiting.  Also there, bright and early, was Graham (wearing a BN shirt too!), who had travelled all the way down to Eastney from Taunton!

Over the next half hour more people turned up.  There ended up with 6 of us plus Bob – Bob being the only one who hadn’t swum naked before – or so he says, he certainly seemed to take to it rather readily!

At about 08:00 the Breakfast Show producer filled us all in on what the plan of action was to be.  It had started to spit with rain a little by then, so those of us representing the Eastney Naturists changed into our waterproof gear (ie stripped off) so as to keep our warm clothes dry.  He wanted us to gather down at the water’s edge & at the signal to whip off our tops and then whip off our bottoms and dash into the water.  Of course, some of us had to put our clothes back on to comply with this!  Being radio, he also wanted us to make as much noise (splashing and shrieking) as we could.

Dashing into the water

The appointed time arrives (about 08:20), the sun breaks free of the clouds and at the producer’s signal we all stripped off (again!) and dashed into the water.  It certainly wasn’t as cold as you’d expect and after the initial shock turned out to be quite comfortable.  Still made plenty of noise and shrieking as we went in though! 

enjoying the dip

We stayed in for about 20 minutes, just long enough to get used to it and start enjoying it (either that or we’d all gone so numb as to be beyond feeling it!) and then it was time for Bob’s, and our, triumphant emergence from the water.  Bob had an official dryer waiting for him (the radio station had run a competition the previous day for someone willing to towel down a naked Bob!), and we all had complimentary towels, courtesy of PowerFM, waiting for us.

Mike, Barry & Maximum Bob

A little dryer, slightly warmer and it was time for Bob’s naked interview on air.  He chatted happily on-air to a few of us.  There was, refreshingly, very little in the way of sniggering – it was a much more mature interview.  All in all, a good opportunity to show naturism, and EastneyBeach, in a positive and fun way.  As well as the fun, Mike & Barry managed to raise over £120 (donated from the staff at East Hampshire District Council, HaslarHospital and from the Eastney Naturists as well) for the “Help a Local Child” charity.

Then time for a full English breakfast and a steaming hot cuppa at the caravan park next door to the beach.  I felt I had definitely earned this!

Video of the event is up on PowerFM’s website and also at youtube too.

Pictures to follow shortly


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