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Campaigning to Save the Beach

The Beach Day at Eastney had been anticipated and planned for some time. Since the beach day last year in fact. As the date became ever closer we watched the various weather forecasts with a degree of trepidation. Would it be fine, windy, raining?

In the week before the event all the indications were looking quite dire with nothing but the worst to look forward to. The only hint of better things came on the evening before once we had already resigned ourselves to sitting on the beach under umbrellas. There was a chance that the day could be dry after all.

SailingSunday dawned dry but overcast and so it was that we made our way to Eastney in the hope that it would eventually brighten up. Well, I’m pleased to say that it did. By late morning the cloud had thinned considerably and by the afternoon we enjoyed good, sunny spells that were very warm. Not a wash-out at all!

Attendance was around 60 or so – less than last year, but still a great turnout considering the weather forecasts leading up to the day. We were especially pleased to see how many people had travelled a long way to get here. From London Heathrow, Stratford, Basingstoke, Buckinghamshire, Eastleigh and many points beyond.

We were joined by Richard Daniels, Chairman of British Naturism, John Paine, one of the candidates for President of BN, Ron and Anne Twining, Dave Storey all of the BN Southern Region.

Group ShotA photographer from the local newspaper – The News – was in attendance and took many pictures, some of which should appear in the paper on Monday 30th July. Oh, well, everyone will now know what I was up to this weekend!

We also gave interviews to a local film unit run by a lifelong naturist who was making a short film about naturists BY naturists. That makes a change. Between us I hope we managed to give her a lot of good material.

Being Interviewed
The Portsmouth Lifeguards came down and gave an excellent demonstration of lifesaving with one of their rescue craft and a running commentary from shore.

Lifeguards on the Beach

People added to their funds by directly giving or by buying some of their goods. I hope that we were able to make a significant contribution as they provide a valuable service in this area.

Lifeguards in Action
I would like to thank those who also donated to the Eastney Beach Campaign by giving us money or by buying our T-Shirts, books, cakes and cups of tea. We spend as little as possible in our fight to retain the beach for public use but, inevitably, we dig into our own pockets on a constant basis. Your contributions to us today have been very much appreciated – this generosity will help us to further the campaign over the next few months.

We were also handing out a new summary leaflet describing some of the actions we have undertaken during our first year of the campaign.

Meeting new people is always a delight and today I met JohnB for the first time and also New-Naturist. It’s always good to put a face to a name.

on behalf of the Eastney Naturists Campaign

 ———- Original Announcement  ———-

Beach Day – Sunday 29th July 2007

The beach beyond this point is used by Eastney NaturistsThe Eastney Naturists Campaign Group is to hold another get-together day at Eastney Naturist Beach on Sunday 29th July 2007 (we’ll be setting up around 10:00 am and will be staying on the beach until late afternoon/early evening).  This will be the second Beach day held down at Eastney – check out the report of the first Beach Day.

This get-together day is part of a series of beach days, co-ordinated by British Naturism, around the country aimed at providing a great opportunity for people who have thought about trying naturism, to give it a go and British Naturism will be there supporting us & ready to answer any questions you might have about the national organisation for naturism. 

If you’re travelling any distance & want to make a weekend of it, then consider getting in touch with Southsea Leisure Park – 023 9273 5070 (not naturist, but right next to the beach!) for accomodation &/or camping.  If you do book up accomodation, please mention where you heard of them.

Bring a picnic and make a proper day of it.  The sloping shingle beach makes team games, etc a little awkward, so let’s settle for introducing ourselves, eating some food & finding out how we can all help take the campaign forward to save the beach.

We’ll be bringing along some bin liners.  If you plan to have a picnic or a BBQ, do please remember to clear away any litter & dispose of any BBQ / coals responsibly – let’s keep our Naturist Beach clean.  Volunteers to “sweep” the beach at the end of the day will be especially welcome!

The idea behind the Beach day is to make sure that other users of the beach are aware that the threat to the Naturist Beach is still there & to let them know that this group has been formed with the express aim of campaigning to retain use of the traditional naturist beach at Eastney.

Portsmouth Lifeguards have offered to put on another display for us, just off the naturist beach – this will be happening around mid-day (at high tide).  We’ll also be coming round again with collection buckets, so hands deep into those non-existent pockets please for this very worthwhile charity. 

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