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The Eastney Naturists First Beach Day declared a success!

The week leading up to the beach day was all a bit of a panic.  This being the first time that anyone on the group had promoted a beach day.  In fact, up until a couple of weeks beforehand, at the BN Beach Day at Studland, none of us had even attended a Beach Day before.  The devil, as always, was in the fine details – finding an old fashioned kettle, for example, proved somewhat challenging, printing out hundreds of leaflets about the threat and the campaign, finding the time to bake a few cakes (well, I had some help with that one from my 8 yr old, who was also willing to serve as quality control tester!).

Anyway, the day dawns and, against the weather forecast, looks to be a cracking day – a bit breezy, but otherwise glorious.  Unless you were involved with the organisation of such an event, you wouldn’t believe how much stuff has to be transported to & then carried from the car to the beach.  Luckily Eastney is much easier than other beaches in this regard, being fairly close to the road.  It was also rather handy that all the guys from BN turned up about the same time & jumped straight in to lend a hand.


After a minor struggle, we got the gazebo sorted out and the (30+ foot long) Eastney Naturists Banner cable tied to the fence – I reckon this thing could be seen from miles out to sea.

By the banner The gazebo / stand attracted a lot of interest – the group spent most of the day chatting to people, mostly about the proposed development overlooking our beach.  Surprisingly some people still weren’t aware of the development or the campaign. They are now though.  Another hot topic of conversation was the issue of jet-skis coming in waayyyy too close to the shore and to the swimmers.

Many thanks to Richard Daniels & Andrew Welch from BN, as well as Pete Knight who jumped in to help, who canvassed the beach, both recruiting for BN & promoting our campaign.  Our gratitude must also go to John Paine, without who’s help this campaign may not have got off the ground & who’s guidance has proved invaluable.

The Fire Service put in a bright and early appearance (thanks Mark) handing out leaflets and chatting to people about safety on the beach.

new photographer lines up a shotA reporter and photographer from the local paper (the Portsmouth News) arrived and interviewed us and took a few pictures.  This article appeared in the paper…

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Helicopter fly past

Around 15:00 the Portsmouth Lifeguards’ boat showed up, along with the Coastguards helicopter doing a low fly past.  This made people sit up. 



lifeboat 1

What a fantastic show (with running commentary) they put on for the naturists, with a display of life saving, and showing how they deal with a man overboard incident.  Great stuff, & they were only too happy to come along and do this specifically for the naturist beach. 

boat2boat 3boat4


In return we passed the collection bucket around for this very worthwhile charity and, once counted up, found that the naturists had dug deep and generously donated over £92 to the Portsmouth Lifeguards Appeal Fund.  Not bad at all for people without pockets!

We also kicked off a petition (to present to the Harbour Master & to the Council) about the dangerous behaviour of some of the jet-skis along our beach.  On too many occassions they come in way too close and even cut off swimmers from the shore!  On just this one day we collected 83 signatures and found out just how strongly people feel about this.

BN also had a good day, signing up people there and then, as well as generating a lot of interest in the work that British Naturism are doing.

beach day general

general shot

It’s taken me several days to recover from the day – aches & pains from lugging the gear to & from the beach, a sore throat from  talking to so many people, catching up on my sleep (a couple of sleepless nights worrying in the lead up to the day).  All worthwhile though.  We would certainly like to see the Eastney Beach Open Day as a regular on BN’s list of Beach Days from now on. 

See you all again next year!

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