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Back in 2005, the Planning Committee resolved to grant outline consent to QinetiQ, in 2011 that decision was revoked.

The Head of Planning’s report recommended that the 2005 decision of resolution to grant outline consent be rescinded and that the “application be considered afresh by this Committee following a new process of public and statutory public consultation” and that “the changes in circumstances were such that officers could not be satisfied that this Committee would come to the same conclusions based on the present material circumstances” .  The full detailed report can be viewed at PCC’s website – http://www.portsmouth.gov.uk/yourcouncil/20447.html

Today, 30 March 2011, the Planning Committee met to hear a report from the Head of Planning asking for that orginal decision to be rescinded.  He told the committe that:
* there had been material changes in circumstances
* that QinietiQ had chosen not to supply the requested surveys and studies
* that this would give statutory consultees and the public the chance to reconsult in light of current circumstances
* that this was not actually a planning matter, more a procedural one
* that he had set a timeline, that would bring the application back to the Plannign Committee in around 3 months

Cllr Stubbs then made a depuation – he:
* informed the committee of an interest in the matter – that he was the secretary of the Eastney Beach Signage Campaign
* that he thinks the matter is clear-cut
* that he couldn’t remember any other application that’s been hanging around so long

Cllr Hall also made a deputation in support of revoking the original decison – she:
* informed the committee of an interest – that she was Chair of the Eastney Beach Signage Campaign
* that this application had caused more headaches and more FOI requests than any other application she knew of
* thanked the members of the public for their work over the last 5 years in highlighting the change of circumstances – holding them up as true examples of a “Big Society”
* noted that the original studies submitted back in 2005 were now severely dated
* noted that he applicant had had plenty of time to submit the requested updated studies
* insisted that there should be no further delay

Cllr Sparshatt asked about the time limits.  The Head of Planning replied that it was incumbent upon PCC to consider any fresh submissions from QinetiQ, but that the application should be brought to close as soon as possible.

A vote was then taken – the Planning Committee UNANIMOUSLY approved revoking the original decision.

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