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Campaigning to Save the Beach

December 2007

Portsmouth City Council will meet on 18 December 2007 (12:00) to discuss & vote on selling QinetiQ more rights to the strip of land, next to the access road, in front of the development site.  The access road belongs to the council, but QinetiQ have a right of access over it – it now looks as though QinetiQ are now asking for extra rights to widen the road (taking a strip of land from the Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC).  The last report (which was withdrawn at the last possible moment on Nov 19) didn’t even bother to mention that the land under discussion is a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation either – it referred to the council’s ownership of the land as being “encumbered by covenants”, as though this were some nuisance that QinetiQ were kindly helping them out with. What utter nonsense!  This land belongs to and is an asset of the City and its residents – any sale of additional rights to QinetiQ can only boost the value of QinetiQ’s land and their profits. 

This sale may be in the interests of a cash-strapped Council, or in the interests of profit-driven developers, or even in the interests of those looking for a second home / luxury flat overlooking the sea – in my opinion it is certainly not in the public’s interest. 

This sale could and should benefit the City and its Residents by being tied to guarantees of continued public access to the (now) privatised beach.   The failure to secure public access to this part of Eastney Beach would represent a major loss of amenity both for city residents and visitors to Portsmouth and should be consider a major embarrassment to this Council.

The meeting to discuss this sale will take place at the Guildhall on 18 December 2007 at 12:00pm – It seems that once again there’s a proposal to only hear this item behind closed doors – the last time this tried to go before the executive it seemed that the item about this sale was too hot for the public to witness (it had been declared an “Exempt”item) – it seems that the public shouldn’t hear details of their rights over this strip of land being sold off!

The report recommending this contentious sale of rights over our land can be found on the council’s website (link to the new report – I note that this time the associated documents and plans are also included).  If you’re unhappy about this sale of rights going ahead without holding out for guarantees of public access to the beach, then why not let your Councillor know – you can find a list of all PCC Councillors here and a list of those on the Executive Committee here.

Please write and let the Council know how you feel – don’t let this opportunity slide by.

I have sent out letters to all the councillors on the executive, objecting to the sale of the strip of SINC (without getting a guarantee regarding the beach). I attach it here.  Do feel free to be “inspired” by the letter – and do please contact your councillors and let them know how you feel about this sale.

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