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Campaigning to Save the Beach

Current Situation:

QinetiQ have formally promised to keep the beach open to the public

At a recent Council Cabinet meeting (7th July 2008), QinetiQ formally undertook to dedicate the beach as Public Access land under Countryside & Rights of Way legislation (this dedication to take place on the occupation of the first flat) as part of the deal, with Portsmouth City Council, to allow them to widen the access road to the development site. 

You can view my report of the meeting here. 

QinetiQ also gave a binding promise to keep the beach open to all the public until that dedication takes place.  The City Solicitor confirmed that any closure of the beach would have to be for a compelling reason and if the Council did not think that it was reasonable then they could take the land-owners to court.

QinetiQ were recently approached by a local press agency (in relation to the article that appeared in the Daily Mail – see here) & told the press agency that the nudists were welcome to use the beach along with the dog-walkers and the rest of the public.  They went on to say that they didn’t want to kick the nudists off the beach.  This seems to be a step forward from the time when QinetiQ referred to us as being trespassers on their private land, which was subject to closure at their whim!

Cllr Hancock was assured that the signs could go back up on council land – let’s aim to make sure that actually happens – write to your councillor – write to Cllr Hancock – remind them all of this assurance!  A list of Councillors and MPs can be found on Portsmouth City Council’s website: http://www.portsmouth.gov.uk/yourcouncil/116.html

Where does this leave the naturists?
Well, QinetiQ have now undertaken to guarantee public access to the beach.  Portsmouth City Council (through the City Solictor) appear to have implied that they will go to court if QinetiQ (or their successors) close the beach without good reason.

Not as good as handing the beach back to the city though! 

It does seem it is now time that Portsmouth City Council dropped its policy of not having a policy on naturism.

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