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Campaigning to Save the Beach

I can remember feeling comfortable with nudity when I was a child of maybe 10 or 11 years old. I would go to bed and find that I couldn’t stand the pyjamas wrapped around me and so I’d take them off, shove them under the pillow and instantly feel much better. In the morning I would hold the sheets right up under my chin so that my mother couldn’t see my state of undress when she came in to wake me. To underline the non-sexual nature of nudism I was just a boy who had no concept of sex when I first stripped off for pleasure.

Over the years there were plenty of occasions when I would be alone at home and able to be naked. Often too, in the summer, there were places outside in the open that I could go to experience the joys of being nude in the grass and under the sky. One place was in the long grass on the banks of the creek. It was fairly remote with no footpath and nobody else passed that way and so I would feel quite secure finding my way there. Once I felt that I was far enough out of sight I would sit down in the long grass and strip off and feel the freedom of being without clothes, stare up at the sky or just look out across the harbour. These moments were to be savoured but as time went on things changed in that I did different things, went to work, travelled etc. and only occasionally got to go naked except in the confines of home.

In later years when I had my own house I took the opportunity to once again be naked as much as possible. This lasted until my wife-to-be moved in with me. Whilst she had no problem with casual nudity she had no wish to be naked around the home, or anywhere else for that matter. So that was how things were for several years. I had mentioned to her that I would like to try the naturist life but she wasn’t keen on giving it a go.

Then a couple of years ago I was off work for a couple of weeks as I had been in hospital for an operation. During my convalescence at home I had found that there was an official nudist beach just about 20 minute’s drive from home. As I was at a loose end and on my own during the days I drove to the beach to try it out. This was the first time in many years that I had been out in a public place naked and there I was amongst all these like-minded people.

I stripped off and instantly felt liberated as I had of old. I laid in the warmth of the sun, enjoyed the feeling of the slight breeze over my body and knew that this had to be the life for me. I walked up and down the beach and felt that life was indeed very good. The stresses that I had been suffering at work fell away from me and I resolved that things would be different from now on. I didn’t stay for too long on that first visit as the sun was strong and I was still white as a sheet and may have a little difficulty explaining sunburn to the wife! I visited a couple of other times that summer still in secret until the weather changed.

The following year I headed for that beach fairly early in the year and felt that this could get to be a habit but one which would remain secretive and somewhat deceitful as the wife did not know I was going there. I knew I would have to tell her. Before the summer was out I told her one night that I had been to the naturist beach, that I had enjoyed it immensely and that I was going to go there again. Happily she was very good about it and said that she would go with me next time I went. She went topless straight away on our first visit together but it took another two visits before she stripped right off.

Not being able to use the beach during the winter months I investigated a local nudist club and we went along for a trial day one Sunday. The facilities were great with friendly people and so within a couple of days I had signed us both up for membership. We both now go there regularly and I probably spend half my weekend there.

So, if you have always had the feeling that you wanted to be nude other than bedtime or bathtime you probably are a nudist at heart and you should do something about it. You will not look back once you’ve started.

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