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Michael’s Story

The World Naked Bike Ride 2005 brought it all out into the open for me. I’d never worn pyjamas, quite often would not bother with clothes in the house, etc (a similar tale for lots of people I’m sure). It really didn’t occur to me that I might be one of those nudists/naturists (delete as applicable).

Then one evening out drinking with some chums, one of our group announced that he was a naturist. This didn’t result in the group falling on the floor with laughter or in everyone making fun – there was a great deal of interest from all of us. A few days later, said chum mentioned the WNBR & I said I’d go along if he did (it did sound like a bit of a lark!). I don’t think he fully expected me to call his bluff. However, I still wasn’t sure that I’d be going fully bare, never having gone naked in public before (only around the house).

So, on the Friday afternoon before the bike ride on the Saturday – I thought, I’ll pop down the beach at Eastney (yes, there’s the connection with Eastney beach!) & see just what public nudity is like & whether my nerve would hold. Although I’d lived in Portsmouth most of my life, I’d never been to the nudist section of the beach (didn’t even really know where it was). Eventually found it – not too many people about, so the nudity wasn’t that public! Didn’t stop the nerves though. Right, sit down (oohh this pebbles are rough on the backside! Didn’t take long to start bringing a foam camping mat with me), drink a bottle of beer, quietly slip off my shorts (except you always end up faffing about awkwardly and feel like you’re drawing attention to yourself, don’t you) and…errr, so what was all the fuss & trepidation about? Mmm actually this is OK. A very happy first hour spent naked on the beach, reading my book.


Next morning , the day of the World Naked Bike Ride is here – Saturday afternoon and we’re at Wellington Gate, where there are loads of people preparing for the ride. Now’s the moment of truth – cycling naked through central London on a busy shopping day is a lot different to sitting naked on a quiet beach for an hour! Oh sod it, I didn’t come up here to wimp out, and besides when else would I get the chance to do an extended streak through London – so off come the shorts, get a chum to daub a slogan on my back and away we go – what a hoot! We rode for 10km through a sea of happy laughing, smiling, faces – I saw & heard only a single negative reaction to us (a taxi driver – “its disgusting – think of the children”). The ride was over far too quickly and it was time to put clothes back on and head off home. I was able to pick myself out on national news and I’m still finding fresh photos of my bum on the internet (there were lots of pictures being taken) – and there’s (apparently) a 35 min documentary, narrated by Jon Snow, about the ride coming out. I’m eagerly looking forward to the 2006 ride.

Back to Eastney beach a week or so later go back just to be sure that it wasn’t just the exhibitionist in me (thousands of onlookers in London) – nope it wasn’t – I find sitting on the beach incredibly relaxing (especially with a bottle of beer and a good book), just the antidote to a stressful day at work. So relaxing that towards the end of last Summer, I found myself on the beach 3, 4, even 5 times a week. It was a bit of a shock to lose the use of the beach when the cold weather started rolling in. Think how gutted we’ll all feel if we lose the beach for the profit to be made from putting up huge blocks of flats there!

Since then:

My name’s Michael and it seems I AM a Naturist!

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