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Campaigning to Save the Beach


My name is Simon and I had been going to Eastney Beach since 1993.  I can’t really say that I am a naturist as I generally find the British climate too cold for doing that.  It also doesn’t help that I am a bit mean and a bit too stingey to pay for the extra central heating.  Although I have been known to answer the door in the nude to fetch parcels from a rather surprised postman. 

My first time I went on a beach nude was in 1991 when I happened to be living in Australia.  I had a very good friend who kindly took me out to the various beaches of Melbourne.  My particular favourite was Somers, which is based on Australian Ministry of Defence land.

Somers Melbourne
Somers Melbourne – Southern Ocean!

Taking my clothes off was no real big deal to me although part of me thought it was rather daring but, as nobody else seemed to bother nor did I.  Then the beach was so incredibly quiet there was no one around to complain anyway! The other beach in Melbourne that I enjoyed was called appropriately enough Sunny Side, which is actually based, in Port Philip Bay.  Like Somers it was a sandy beach and a little bit out of the way.

Swanbourne – Perth
Swanbourne –

It was certainly quite a walk to get to there and I never did venture far enough for longer to see the entire extent of it.  Mind you that was because I was lugging my friends heavy beer cans and was just too exhausting.  I wouldn’t mind but I couldn’t enjoy it, as I don’t drink the filthy stuff.

Sunnyside – Port Philip Bay Melbourne
Sunnyside –
Port Philip Bay Melbourne

I have been backwards and forwards to Australia a few times and have sampled the delights of Lady Bay beach in Sydney as well as Swanbourne beach in Perth.  When I came back to England in 1993 and found out about Eastney I was most annoyed to find that I could have gone to a naturist beach locally.  I had absolutely no idea that the beach was there.  I was so peeved because I was working in Southsea at the time and could have so easily have gone down there by taking a long lunch break. 

The beach certainly has changed since 1993 as it seems to have become a bit busier and a lot of it has eroded away.  I can still remember West Winner, a sand bank, which you could walk out on and it looked as if you are standing in the middle of the sea although I note that East Winner sandbank, is still going strong near Hayling. 

It was also a lot quieter at that time because of the scare of the contaminated land at the back of the beach resulting in the local people being moved out.  You could also walk all the way round the corner even if there was high tide as the shingle was so much higher covering most of the concrete slope when you go round the corner East.

Higher Shingle at Eastney circa 1994/5
Higher Shingle at Eastney circa 1994/5

One of the biggest nuisances of recent years has been people on jet skis that come in very close.  I wouldn’t mind but they are so noisy and some of the riders can only be about ten years old.  I am very glad that there is now campaign to help continue the beach the naturist use.  I sincerely hope the beach will keep going for many decades as it has been used since the 1950s.

I would urge anybody and everybody to join the campaign and get behind it.  This beach is just too precious to lose!  It is a pity that we do have to have dedicated beaches for naturist use – why can’t people just go nude as and when?

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