Eastney Naturists

Campaigning to Save the Beach

I was one of the first to use “The Beach” as a naturist, just a few years after the end of WWII.  The Polish mine disposal boys had just finished clearing the maines away, but the signs and some of the wire had been left in place, so few people ever roamed up the beach that fat.  Antitank blocks were left on the beach, and acted as a sort of breakwater.  This also afforded some sort of screening from anyone walking along hte top of the beach.  The original nucleus of nude bathers was a mixed bag of about five or six men & three or four women.  I could not use the beach much as my job took me away a lot, travelling.

A couple of years ago  the council had some signs erected on the beach to inform people that nude bathers used the area.  A publication, known as Health & Efficiency, did an article and took some photographs of these as a background to some girl models.

Since then, Eastney beach has become very popular.  Again this year, many more people seem to have become aware pf it and are using it in a proper way.  This is a very unique place, and could not be replaced very easily, even the position is good.

Only last Sunday there must have been well over a thousand people of all ages, all types, in various forms of dress to undress, everyone mixing in a relaxed atmosphere.  Everybody beahving themselves, doing as they wished.

It is, after all, the best way to swim.  It always appeared to be stupid to me to put somehting on to go and get wet in.  what do you wear when you have a bath?  It also saves having to carry wet, salt-watery, articles of clothing, picking up germs all the way home, then having to wash the salt out & then dry them!

Let us hope that the Naturists are not pushed off the beach.  It is another amenity Portsmouth has to attract the many visitors.

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